milestones is a smart project planner. Using AI, it makes it intuitive for digital project managers and (pre)sales agents alike to easily design optimized project rollout plans, without being overwhelmed by the complex constraints involved in the planning process.

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Smart Project Tasks Definition

Smartly Assist defining projects’ Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) by suggesting / autocorrecting project activities as you type, extracting project activities information from natural language input (emails, note taking…), or providing project WBS domain-specific templates.

Project Costs Optimization

Easily and Efficiently Compute and Optimize actual project deadlines with actual project costs - taking into account allocated project resources (costs, efficiency,...) and project work breakdown structure(tasks with required effort, completion rate,  precedence or time constraints) .

Forecasting Project Outcomes under Multiple Scenarios

Easily and efficiently Simulate different possible project outcomes as a combination of different projects resources allocation, and work breakdown structure scenarios.

Third Party Project Management Tools Integration

Automatically generates inputs for major project management tools (jira, trello, clickup, ms projects) - to feed project backlogs and launch its actual execution.
Automatically accepts output from these project management tools to get tasks descriptions or to update tasks completion  and trigger new/other iterations of projects deadlines/costs optimization