About Us

We are automagic.tools - we make tools that think for you

We are technology enthusiasts and project managers that want to change the way digital actors work, by augmenting their work reality.
We want to provide thinking modules for project planning, HR, code management... we want to make software that has a mind of its own to automagically help tech leads, scrum masters, HR managers and everyone beyond!

Rafik Naccache

Founder, CEO and VP Technology

Rafik Naccache is a senior software craftsman and IT executive with over 20 years of experience in consulting, entrepreneurship and leadership in innovative software, AI and cloud product design and development

He helped organizations spanning over industries as diverse as the Telecoms, Oil and Gaz, Cybersecurity, Finance, eCommerce, content management and logistics and evolving in Tunisia, Morocco, Oman, France, Germany, MENA, and the US - design AI powered products, build or scale teams or adopt new agile software craftsmanship principes

He also co-founded favizone.com and conversell.ai, two AI startups promising to bring conversational goodness to e-merchants.

Myriam Sfar

Founder, CMO and VP Growth

Myriam Sfar is a senior expert in management and strategy with over 15 years of consulting experience in Africa and Middle East.

She has extensive experience in developing and implementing marketing and digital strategies as well as managing complex projects for organizations.

She helped many organizations in private and public sectors like Banking, Telcoms Governments and services companies develop their investment strategies to sucessfully grow in the MENA region especially in Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Kenya, Niger, Kuwait and Jordan.